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Business in Korea: My motto

Sensitisation instead of stereotypes

Only critical reflection about one’s own cultural background engenders a feeling for an appropriate behaviour in another culture. ‘Appropriate’, because there is not always a ‘correct’ behaviour, and by having an idea what is appropriate, also unforeseen situations can be mastered. Have a look at the example below.

Interactive training instead of ex-cathedra teaching

Only practical exercises where participants actively look for possible solutions consolidate the acquired knowledge. This includes concrete examples from the working environment, role plays, teamwork, videos and much more. And I will not leave you out in the cold after the training, e.g. when push comes to shove after a detachment. At many occasions I was able to contribute to alleviating unexpected tensions, which may be crucial even after the initial training.

Tailor-made training instead of a standardised lecture

I attach great importance to preparation and feedback. I aim at understanding your needs and elaborating them with you before the training. Even if you have gained quite some business experience in Asia, you will be surprised about the new perspectives a Korea-training provides.